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Documentary Photography Exhibition


Few hours remaining to the Yazd, March 2009

We sit on the train, gazing at the window. Moving from Tehran who is still in the fire of suppressing the protests to the recent election. Villages are calm and no Police can be seen. bypassing the railroads from big Cities, poverty and discrimination were more visible. However, as we moved forward in the hearts of the villages, the protest voices, less be heard. It looks like we are the islands that are far from each other and no one knows what’s happened on the other side. We just crossed without having a talk or listen, We sometimes even go through without seeing each other and forget that our desires and our sufferings are more similar than what we think. We forgot that the more our eyes, ears and mouths are used in social relationships, they will tighten the links within society.

“Minus Five” collection began in the middle of this trip in Meybod city. In two and a half years after, the more I spend time in different cities and with the women and men whose photographs are in this collection, I became more aware of how close I am to them and how much our hopes, our fears, happiness, and grief are similar to each other, even if we are different from social and economic classes. Without the formation of a multi-layered discourse without ordinance within the community, the impact of different views in the society on politics, economics, and culture will be eliminated.

“Minus Five” Solo Exhibition: International Commission for UNESCO, Tehran . 2012

Group Photography and Video Art Exhibition: “Iran Contemporary Photographers”, Queen Gallery, Toronto . 2014