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Research, Documentary and Book Arts


2ARTRAVEL project was inspired by our passion for art and travel, two artists who are fascinated and at the same time concerned about Iran’s nature and culture and want to share this feeling with artistic language to Iranians that live from Sistan to Azerbaijan, from the Persian Gulf coasts to Caspian Hyrcanian forests and from the Central Desert to Kurdestan.

The 2ARTRAVEL project that started in 2015 is defined in three sections:

  • Water Resources Focusing on Thirteen Biosphere Reserves in Iran
  • Photography and documentary
  • Research and Publications.

The design and implementation process of all sections is based on the principles of sustainable development and respect for the nature of the area and the culture of the local people. Research, photography, documenting and dissemination of findings and experiences is part of the 2ARTRAVEL long-term project aimed at bringing together artists, environmentalists and researchers with diverse languages, cultures and beliefs to conserve water and life resources.

2ARTRAVEL project has been presented openly in the Iranian Artists Forum in 2015 to continue freely by environmentalist artists and will be.