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“ABAN” Zine

ABAN is the Persian name for a month in autumn that is forever tied for Iranians with the sound and image of A widespread protest and brutal repression;

November 2019, the bloody suppression of Iranian people’s demonstrations in more than 700 cities and villages in Iran, which began with protests against the enormous rising of fuels prices and turned into nationwide demonstrations against the inefficiency, corruption, and oppression of the government. The regime cut off the internet of the whole country for more than a week and according to Reuters, killed more than 1,500 people, and arrested about 8,000 protesters. Based on local reports, these numbers are more than 4,000 kills and 15000 arrests. Shooting in the head and chest of protesters, killing children and adolescents, torture of arrested women, and widespread harassment and intimidation of activists, set this repression apart from all previous crimes of the Regime.

Aban Zine, with a name that commemorates the unity of the Iranian people with the bravery of youth and women against an oppressive Islamist government, and Inspired by the legacy of the libertarian writers&artists in resistance art Zines, during Nazi fascist rule or the Communism terror era in Eastern Europe, will be the voice of those who are voiceless, the image of those who are forgotten, a reminder for the world from what is happening to Iranian people. Aban’s approach is Social artistry, without any political or ideological affiliation that emphasizes on Iran’s freedom, integrity, and independence in secular discourse.
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